Thursday, January 29, 2015 exclusive: Tour of Sufferlandria Report


Interview with J. Scott Teresi, mid pack Cat 4 weekend warrior and soon to be former Senior Brand Manager at PowerBar This is your third Tour of Sufferlandria.  Thats a real achievement in itself.  Does it ever become old hat for you?

J. Scott Teresi: Although this is my third tour, its my first one on TrainerRoad, that makes it a whole new race for me.  It's a real grind you have to be on your game each and every day. Its been a tough Tour for you so far this year.  Can you tell us how you found yourself so far off the pace. 

J. Scott Teresi: Well the trouble started toward the end of Stage 2 when my wife, a Sufferlandrian in her own right, bumped me off the trainer with 20 mins still to ride.  Are you disappointed in being dropped from the lead group so early in the race?

J. Scott Teresi: I feel bad that I let down my 74 Strava followers and 211 Facebook friends.  I think they will really miss seeing my daily updates from the Peloton.  The Tour of Sufferlandria is a long hard race.   So many things needs to align during that 9 day period just to stay up front with the lead group.  You need to avoid illness, make sure your internet connection is working properly and even cancel those early morning meetings to make sure you complete that day's stage.  All it takes is a sick child, a missed alarm clock or an unforeseen power outage and your Tour is done.  So am I disappointed? Yes, but I am not giving up.  So what will you do now?

J. Scott Teresi:  Although I love my Strava followers and Facebook Friends, I am riding the rest of this Tour for me.  I'll finish out all nine stages even if takes me until Monday night.  I may not get my nine gold TrainerRoad cups, but I will have my pride and I will be back next year. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Rose's Big Girl Bed

A milestone in the life of a toddler was hit today.  Rose asked that the rails be taken off her crib so that she could have a "big girl" bed. 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bicycling at Hilltop

We took Lisa's son Tristan up to Hilltop for a ride on his bike to prepare for the Grasshopper Kids Mountain Bike Race

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Time and Riding Bikes

We have been enjoying the great Spring weather.  Rose love's the Kangaroo Wee Ride.  It's a great way to get around town and visit with friends:

Video Shot with GoPro Hero2 mounted on the handlebars.

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Right Shoulder

With Spring arriving early, it is time to get back on the Bike Commute.  This was originally posted in March 2009 while living in Switzerland.

A ride along with the voice inside my head as I make the 50 km commute from Savigny to Gland by bike on March 30th 2009. 

Another cold morning.  I hope I put on enough layers.   I should be fine if I can keep my hands and feet warm.  Good thing for these gloves and shoe covers.  The clouds are really low this morning.  No lake or views of the Alps.  Cresting the small hill to the village center. Better shift.  No traffic this morning on the Route de Oron...nice.  Huh, they took down the snow fences along the route into town.  That means it will probably end up snowing again this weekend.  Oh small hill...shift and peddle, pedal, pedal.  I am warm now.   I should have put my lights on,  the sun is coming up later now due to the time change.  Oh well, the reflector strip on my yellow jacket should be visible enough. These big looping "S" curves on the down hill are so fun, that guy in the Saab doesn't know what he is missing.  Stop light.  Can I balance here without putting my foot down before the light changes.  Come on, come on turn green already. Nope. Foot down.  I love that the lights turn yellow to warn you they are about to turn green.  Is this only in Switzerland?  

Pass the hospital.  Why do thy call it the CHUV.   I should know this after being here a year now.  Through the center of Lausanne.  Traffic is light this morning.  I love the bicycle lanes.  I shouldn't have had that second cup of coffee.  Gotta pee.  Shit, did that motorcycle cop see me just blow through the stop sign?   Another round about, look left.  Eye contact, eye contact, there it is.  She sees me.  Accelerate and pass these cars on the right to the front of the line at the stop light.  Ok balance, balance. Don't put your foot down. Light is yellow, now green. Go!   Finally, onto the lake road.  Thirty minutes to get to the lake road, not bad, and just in time for the sun rise.
A little tail wind this morning, makes for an enjoyable ride.  Uh Oh, road construction, bike lane ends.  I better hug the right shoulder of the road.  Lets see how long I can ride on this yellow line.    Do I have any meetings this morning?  Why the hell did I bring my lap top home last night, carrying this thing sucks!  Ok, does that dump truck see me?  Eye contact, eye contact, eye contact.  What the can you not see me in my canary yellow jacket, sparkly yellow and orange bike and reflective booties.  I look like something out of a freakin circus, you idiot. Do you think I dress like this for the fun of it.  No, its so A-holes like you can see me. Wake up, take the cigarette out of your mouth and pay attention before you kill someone.  Nothing like a dumb ass to get your heart rate roaring in the morning.  

No, I don't think I have any meetings until 10 this morning.  I hope there is more than 30 seconds of hot water in the shower at work.  I haven't seen any other bikes this morning.  Why don't more people ride their bikes to work?  I loved riding my bike to school as a kid.  Through the center of Morge, this is such a pretty lake side town. Its Tuesday, that means street market today.  Wow that bread smells good.  Look at all the fresh fruit.  I need to tell Amy about this market.  

Another round about.  How come we don't have round abouts back in the states?  They are so practical, and far more efficient than four way stops.  Very rarely do you have to come to a complete stop.  The U.S. should also import lights that turn yellow, to warn you they are turning green.  I bet some Swiss transportation analysis did a study on the warning yellow light.  He probably found that it allowed those who drive manual cars a half a second to get into gear prior to the light turning green, which allowed for 2 additional cars to make it through the light each cycle.  Now with X number of lights around Switzerland they were able to move X thousand more cars through the intersection each traffic light cycle.  

E'toy, what an ugly place. Box stores and box apartments.  What were the developers thinking?Ok, my butt hurts and I still have to pee.  I like this area between Allaman and Rolle.  Nice rolling sections hardly any traffic.  Rolle is nice too, I should take Amy to that French restaurant on the hill she would like the views.  The road through the center of Rolle is narrow.  Move to the left, take the center of the lane, watch for car doors.  Cross walk ahead.  Slow down for the guy with the baguette leaving the bakery.  Hey, look another cyclist coming my way.  Lets see will he wave.  I gave him the handle bar wave, he gave me the head nod, we're cool.  Thank god for my iPod and DJ Steve Boy.  This mix is awesome, pretty funky, 120 or so beats per minute. The music help keeps a nice tempo. Last 10 km of slightly down hill through the vineyards.  Lets push it a little bit so I can get to the office before 8:15.  Heart rate check 154.  Shift into the big ring and lets go.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We spent Thanksgiving at Amy's brother's in Bristol, CT.  Peter has a passion for historic buildings and architecture.  Peter is renting this old mansion, which is on the historic registry.  The place was built in 1910 and at the time it had all of the latest amenities.

Click to play and then Double click below to increase size of picture:

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rose's First Birthday

Ok, so I know this is a bit late since we were in Florida at the end of June, but I am finally getting around to posting Rose's first Birthday video.